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A New Season

     It’s amazing how fast this summer has come and gone.  The leaves are changing into vibrant spectacles and the days are getting shorter.  Though the long summer days are becoming a distant memory, there is something exciting about a new season.  It’s a fresh start to do things differently. Change is a process that is often projected as a “quick fix”.  That is a false notion.  It takes time to create lasting change.

     Other than making strides for physical change in weight loss, spiritual change is just as exciting and necessary.  Walking with God, reading His word, following His precepts makes life and the challenges that come with it clearer and easier to navigate.  If it weren’t for God’s infinite and matchless grace, we’d be stuck and stagnant hoping for some miraculous transformation.  One of my favorite pastor’s is Dr. Tony Evans.  He recently did a sermon about God’s grace being something that He freely gives and everything that God could ever do for you has already been done. We access it through faith.  Whatever change you may be seeking, trust God and have faith that He’ll allow you to reap the benefits of your new season.


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