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The God of Restoration

In 1 Kings 3:16-28, two women go back and forth with no resolve and soon decide to plead their cases in front of a judge, that being King Solomon.  They needed to prove who the real mother of the living child was.  Long story short two women live in the same home and have their babies (both boys) around the same time.  One of the women was responsible for killing her own child and dishonestly switched her dead child for the living one.  Even though this is an old story, it has a very relevant meaning today. People love to take credit for all things living, especially when it’s beautiful.  That lazy co-worker that never pulls his/her weight, but the moment praise is given for a long and rigorous project, they suddenly step in to take credit for the hard work. The community leader that fights daily to improve his/her neighborhood goes unsung, once a flighty political figure plants one tree and invite press for a photo-op that makes the front page of the local newspaper.  These are a couple of examples of what happens in this story.   The dead child was once alive, until the child’s mother rolled over the child while sleeping.  Like you and me, we get “rolled over” unknowingly throughout our lives.  The overzealous co-worker that’s gunning for your position, so low as to sabotage your efforts and eventually get your promotion.  The single woman that is infatuated with married men, and will ruin a family to prove her efforts did not go in vain by claiming the once committed spouse as her own.  This also unveils how far people outside of the will of God will go in taking something that was not meant for them.

But what about that dead child?  People tend to not want things that are damaged or dead.  They will turn their noses at a piece of bruised produce at a farmer’s market, look down on people that have an unkempt or disheveled appearance forgetting that at one point and time that apple or that person was once vibrant and full of life, until something happened.  Something so earth shattering took over and dimmed their light, crushed their dreams, and annihilated their spirit.  Like this story, we want to trade up or out for something better.  Some will do anything, while forsaking integrity and any moral fiber in their being.  But those who belong to Christ are held to a certain standard. We must seek God for his provision and have Him guide our next move.  He’s a God of restoration. He will deliver ( Romans 11:25-27).  He’s a healer (Luke 8:43-44). One of the greatest things is He sets us free from being held captive in our sin and troublesome situations ( Deuteronomy 30:3).


As King Solomon judged these women, he cunningly discovered who the real mother was.  In a creative and thought provoking way, he simply asked them to give up the living child, and instructed that a sword be brought to cut the baby in half.  In the true character of a loving and self-sacrificing mother, the real mother offered her son to the other woman.  It was okay with her to give up her son, as long as he remained alive.  Ironically, this story reveals two things that are true.  God loves us so much that he was willing to give up his Son, Jesus Christ so that we would remain alive in Him (John 3:16).  The second revelation is that when we trust God we have to give something up and sacrifice for the cross (Psalm 54:4-7).

In the end the real mother got her son back because King Solomon recognized a mother’s love will go great lengths for their child or children.  When we go before God with our issues and problems He asks us to give up our own pleasures and give of ourselves to serving Him willfully.  This activates trust that bestows so much in return to us.  A restoration like never before.  He gives of His love, peace, joy, and so much more.  In addition, He restores what we give up for something so much greater.  He exchanges what was dead in us for life that is moving and breathing for us to continue to really live.  In closing, the next time someone tries to short change or take advantage of you, go before the King of Kings and have Him sort it out.  The outcome will be greater than fighting the battle yourself. It’s proven through this story, the real mother got back what rightfully belonged to her and He’ll do the same for you too.

Keep Fighting the Good Fight,


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