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Against all Odds


Have you ever had to wait for something that you wanted so bad? It’s trying, frustrating, and can make you feel like a crazy person.  The waiting process is unlike any other process we have to go through in life.

We pray and plead with God asking Him to move in our situations based on the time that we deem appropriate.  Any other time would be too soon or too late according to our schedules.

I’m guilty of this, especially when I’m desperate for a season to change and the dark days to become bright again.    As you should all know, life has its ups and downs.  Its unending twists and turns that constantly keeps us on our toes and as believers, on our knees.

During these waiting seasons, God wants our full attention.  He wants it every waking day of our lives, but we must press into Him even more to understand what the lesson is.  Never forget this is a time of teaching, correcting, and refining.  God withholds no good thing from His children (Psalm 84:11).  Don’t miss the requirement of this passage, as  there are two parts to this scripture.  It reads, He doesn’t withhold any good thing from those who walk uprightly.

hear_no_evil_monkey_emoji_largeOftentimes,  we like to pull the good from scripture and forget about what is required of us.  We have a responsibility to live a holy and righteous life through Jesus Christ according to His standard.  If we’ve been waiting an insanely long time and still continue to do what we know isn’t pleasing to God, you mind as well get comfy right where you are.  Almost like the ‘hear no evil’ monkey emoji.  He’s not listening when we know better and willfully do whatever we want to do (John 9:31).  If you know deep down that you’re outside of God’s will as a believer, repent and ask for His forgiveness to be made new and proceed on doing what He is pleased with.

On the flip side, we can be doing everything we know God is pleased with and feel like we’ve been in a dry season for far too long.  If you know you are abiding in Christ and living in His will, know that God hears you and is working it out in His timing.  Ecclesiastes 3 explains in detail how His timing works.


Whatever you are waiting and praying for God to change, trust in Him and He’ll work it out for you (Psalm 37:5).  His word never returns void (Isaiah 55:11).

Until next time, be blessed and GetUp and GetFit in God!

If you don’t know Jesus… Call Him He’ll answer-1 John 1:9, Romans 10:9, John 3:16



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