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Stay in your Lane

Driving can be enjoyable.  Elements such as clear skies, non-hazardous road conditions, and great music is the recipe for a smooth driving experience.  On the other hand, it can be dangerous with inexperienced and/or inconsiderate drivers, road-ragers, and car accidents, which unfortunately result in numerous injuries and fatalities.Traffic jams or slow traffic are the main reasons to split lanes

One morning I was in the car and God spoke to me about the importance of staying in your lane.  This is simple information, but not everyone abides by it.  Depending on your experience on the road, I’m certain you’ve seen swayers or drifters and I’m not referencing the fast and furious kind.  I define this as a driver that either sways in and out the lane or even drives on or over the line.  This isn’t for a quick second, but for miles.  Not only do I find this dangerous to the driver and the others on the road, but it amazes me the reasons behind the abnormal activity.  This is common for drunk drivers, but it can sometimes be for more bizarre reasons.  Putting on makeup, reading the paper on the steering wheel, even getting dressed.  The commonality for these reasons are they are distractions.  Simply put, no focus.

When a new road is built, surveyors, designers, and engineers come together to determine the exact calculations and dimensions of the land in which they intend to build the road.  Related image Everything has to be perfect and nothing is skewed or off for the sake of building the road properly and to ensure the safety of the millions of drivers that will one day use it.  When we think about it, this is how God is.  He knows exactly where He wants us and why He wants us there.  He already designed the blueprint for our lives that will give Him the glory and laid the foundation of our path that somehow leads us back to Him.  And most importantly, through it all He wants us completely focused on Him.  The moment we take our eyes off of Jesus, we begin to sway and drift in areas that we have no business in.  Things become chaotic and those around us begin to see the change in our behavior that once was reputable become a mangled mess.

Our behavior, our attitude, our character can get so out of hand that He blesses us in an unconventional way.  We may lose a relationship, a job, even our peace of mind with the sole purpose to wake us up to get back on track with Him.  I like to call these royal roadblocks.  We are kings kids and are royalty.  The disruptions or blockages He sets are only for our good.  That’s something only a good Father does.   In the scenario of the road, the police may pull over an erratic driver and give them a ticket, which in the grand scheme of things saves their life and the lives of others.  Those royal roadblocks are sent as a way to save us some serious consequences or even death.

Be grateful for the lane that God has created just for you and stay in it.  He knows what is best and wants nothing but good for us.  Oddly enough sometimes what seems terrible is God’s goodness to keep us close to Him for a known and perfect end.

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Until next time, be blessed and GetUp and GetFit in God!

If you don’t know Jesus… Call Him He’ll answer-1 John 1:9, Romans 10:9, John 3:16



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