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When we’ve never been hurt we love with an open heart.  In our eyes the one who holds our affections can do no wrong and are usually placed on a pedestal. Because that loved one has always been there, we feel that all is right with the world and we can make it another day.  The singing flowers and sunshine last for a moment, but once devastation hits it is gone in an instant.

The hurt and pain we feel usually stems from the separation of love, which can often be interpreted as rejection.  According to Google, rejection is defined as the spurning or dismissal of a person’s affections (  Whether voluntary or involuntary,  to no longer receive love from one that you once depended on can leave you confused and emotionally wounded.  It could be from infidelity in a relationship, a loved one passing away, or even from friendship taking a turn that ultimately leaves you standing alone.

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Rejection is a harsh reality that we face in this world.  Jesus faced it too as His own people rejected Him. In 1 John 1:10-11 it says that He was in the world, and though the world was made through Him, the world did not recognize Him.  He came to His own, and His own did not receive Him.  If Jesus went through this, who are we to feel that it shouldn’t happen to us?

Jesus was okay with this because His love and acceptance came directly from His Father.  As believers, this is our hope and He should be our number one source of love.  Our spiritual goal should consist of us wanting to be so connected to God that no form of rejection will cause us an indefinite state of fear and heart break.  Yes, the pain of rejection will hurt initially, but with God’s love He will always bring us out and always be there to love us ten times harder than the love we lost.

He’s there.

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Until next time, be blessed and GetUp and GetFit in God!

If you don’t know Jesus…Call Him, He’ll answer-1 John 1:9; Romans 10:9; John 3:16


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