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Singled Out

Being SingleWhen I scroll through social media, there are so many posts that remind me of how single I am. ¬†Whether it’s the following: 1. An ad to sign up for a dating app based on info taken from your profile (ugh Facebook ūüėí). ¬†2. Multiple posts of wedding photos from the previous weekend. ¬†or ¬†3. Numerous social media personalities giving tips on how to find the right “one” (or all of the red flags to confirm that they are not LOL). ¬†It’s not hard to be reminded of being single. ¬†All of these things make for good social media entertainment, but eventually you’ll be reminded of how alone you really are.

There is a purpose and a plan for singleness. ¬†You’ll hear many pastors talk about how waiting-for-a-miracle-status.jpgmuch of a blessing being single is. ¬†And at times it is. ¬†You can focus on your relationship with God and have time for self-improvement in every area of your life. ¬†On the flip-side, ¬†it down right sucks sometimes. ¬†The dating scene is usually awful and it can be lonely not having someone to share your life with. ¬†Now I understand that marriage is hard work, but I think it’s nice to have a partner to weather the storms of life, raise a family, laugh with, and talk to.

In the sucky times of singleness I’ve learned that as Christians, we have a partner that will always be there and have our backs. ¬†I was listening to a song by one of my favorite praise and worship leaders Travis Greene to remind me of this. ¬†It’s called “Daddy’s Home” and the intro is as follows:

“God reminded me of the children of Israel and how they wanted a king because everyone¬†travis greene - crossoverelse had a king. But what they didn’t recognize is that they had the King of kings. And God stopped me in my tracks one day while I was praying and said “Travis quit searching for what you already have. You have the Father of fathers”. And I don’t know who you are tonight but you’ve been searching for your identity and God says that you’ll find it all in him. He says, “Listen homie I never missed a ball game”. He says, “Daughter I was there at your graduation.” I feel a wind of restoration blowing through and God is giving you back your identity. What you’ve been searching for, what someone stole from you, God said, “No, no, no, you belong to me daughter. You belong to me man of God. I am your identity. You can have my last name. Everything you’ve been wanting you can find in me. I am your father.” ¬†¬†

After I heard this, I thought about how as singles we feel the pressure of finding a spouse or having kids by a certain age. ¬†Often feeling exiled when those around us have already jumped the broom and had their kid’s first birthday party. ¬†When you belong to Jesus your identity is found in Him. You are spoken for. ¬†You can walk confidently in Christ knowing that He loves you to the point of being everything you’ll ever need.

This gives me peace knowing that He knows the desires of my heart. ¬†In His timing He will fulfill my desire of a having a spouse that loves Him and because of this will love me the right way. ¬†He’ll also do the same for you.

If you are waiting for “the one”, just know that you can have the One that has always been there and is waiting for you to give your life to Him. ¬†He will fill every void and make you whole. ¬†All you have to do is trust Him and you’ll never be the same again.


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