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How to beat burnout

burnout-2158500__480As quickly as life begins, so shall it end.  Life moves fast, especially in the age of gadgets and gizmos and apps, oh my! Everyone is trying to be relevant. Online, in the workplace, and at home. In trying to be some sort of super hero somewhere, it places a heavy burden of trying to juggle it all.  Too much busy and not enough reflection can lead to burnout.  So, with the rat race of life there are 5 ways to create balance in the midst of our “go, go, go ” society.

  1. Pray – There’s no better way to rid yourself of life’s stress, but to talk to God (anytime).  One thing about prayer is you are sure to have a listening ear even if the response isn’t immediate He certainly hears you.
  2. Breathe – It’s important to remember to take a breath in the midst of life.   Set your timer on your phone or watch and for  2-5 minutes and take slow deep breaths until the time runs out.  I promise you’ll feel lighter.
  3. Talk –  to reliable family and friends. I’m talking about those who have your best interest at heart.  For one, you know they love you and only want to see you win.  Their advice can be a game changer and how you handle certain situations.
  4. Reassess – Think about what makes you feel overwhelmed and stressed. Sometimes we take on too much and whatever isn’t necessary get rid of it and chop down your schedule.
  5. Reconnect –  Sometimes it’s easy to get so busy with life that we fail to spend time with the ones we hold dear, be it family or friends.  Taking time to connect with loved ones is a simple way to release what is going on in your life.  It may result in a few tears, lots of laughs, and an abundance of love.

These five steps are simple everyday ways to start regaining balance and composure in the midst of life’s craziness.  There’s no denying that life gets hard, but we shouldn’t let it overcome us.  So let’s be proactive, while trusting God in the process to see us through to the end.  For the race was not given to the swift, but the strong ( Ecclesiastes 9:11).

Until next time, continue to Get Up and Get Fit in God.

God Bless,


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