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Coming Home

Home means different things for different people. There are those who view home as a place of safety and comfort. And there are others who would rather be anywhere else but there. It ultimately comes down to experience. When a home is filled with love, it become a haven of rest and delight, whereas the opposite often times yields a place of dysfunction and chaos.

I view God as home. He’s a big warm house that has lots of light from windows with panoramic views. He’s so secure that any alarm service doesn’t come close to how protected you’ll be. He has a large sofa and bed that you can lie on to rest when you’re totally exhausted from the massive tempest waves that seem to knock you down every now and then.

The name of the Lord all by itself is described as a “strong tower” and the children of God, also known as the righteous, run to it and are safe ( Proverbs 18:10). In a world that is filled with such evil and hate, we have a safe place in Christ that not even the strongest man-made fortress can compare. When all is failing in your world, call out to the Father of all Father’s and come home for He is patiently waiting to provide you a place of peace, protection, and most of all unconditional love. Come home!

Stay encouraged and continue to GetUp and GetFit in God!


2 thoughts on “Coming Home

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