GetUpGetFit.shop Mission

GetUpGetFit.shop is a forum of uplifting and inspirational content to motivate people to spiritual greatness.  What first started as a physical fitness platform has become a social media space to encourage and motivate individuals to take spiritual action in their lives.  Physical change is good, but the foundation of that change starts with the heart.  Monday through Friday a message of hope and love is shared to help people know they are overcomers and can do anything in spite of life’s setbacks.  We have the power and the authority through Jesus Christ to win within ourselves to do and be anything.

The enemy can try to get in our heads and make us think we’re not good enough, pretty/handsome enough, smart enough and simply capable enough to be successful.  In order to overcome this, we must exercise our minds and build up mental strength and tenacity through God’s word and prayer.  These are our weapons to fight the good fight and go after our dreams and goals fearlessly.  It is the daily push that every person needs to get moving and fulfill God’s word that we are more than conquerors!

God Bless You!


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