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Expensive Gifts

It being winter here in the North East, I’ve noticed many different types of coats and outerwear. Each coat tells a story about the person wearing it and I sometimes wonder what a person’s life is like based on this one article of clothing. Now you’re probably wondering what’s a coat have to do with life, but it’s more than you may realize. When we take a look at the life of Joseph, son of Jacob, it will begin to make sense.

His father had given him a coat of many colors and out of several brothers, he was the only one to receive this gift. Little did he know that this gift was heavily weighted. Joseph had been sold into slavery by his own blood, lied on by his employer’s wife, and then sent to prison as a result of the lie. These are daunting circumstances, but on the flipside he had the opportunity to work for a high-ranking Egyptian official, interpret King Pharaoh’s dreams, and finally was appointed to proactively lead Egypt throughout a great famine. As the saying goes, there are two sides to every coin and it is proof that through it all God covered him. His faithfulness to God through the mess he endured shows that no matter how bad life may become, God is working on your behalf for you to win.

You see, all of Joseph’s trials were building blocks to make him a great and humble leader. Scripture indicates numerous times that God was with Joseph at every turn. Joseph’s coat was depicted as a beautiful garment, but it was a garment that only God knew he could handle. God, our Father, gives us beautiful gifts made uniquely for each of us and He will equip us with the tools to maintain and cultivate them. Holding onto what He gives is going to come with a fight for our faith to remain strong. There is no guarantee to an easy life, but we can rest assured that God will not leave us and what is meant for us is ours. He is all encompassing and always working for our good.  

Until next week continue to Get Up and Get Fit in God!

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Scripture reference: Genesis 37-50