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Dream Bigger

At 18 years old I sat in a large cafeteria at Rowan University with other eager and anxious bodies of the same age hungry for information as we embarked on our fresh college careers.  In the room was a dynamic speaker by the name of Renee that gave a heartfelt speech about her journey and career as a model and QVC tv show host.  Once she was done she took time to meet with anyone who wanted to pick her brain or simply say hello.  As she did this meet and greet, she also had professional headshots with her to sign her autograph. I remember her big bright smile as I approached her.  I’m sure all she could see was a teenager trying to figure out life headed in the direction of young adulthood.  Not only was she a woman that had overcome and accomplished so much in her career, but she was a black woman.  In my eyes that meant everything to see someone who looked like me speaking life into young people who had their own dreams and aspirations.  Before she moved on to the next student, she gave me one her headshots signed “Dream Big”. 

 I never forgot those words.  As I got older and began to place roots down into my career I realized that we are told to dream, but sometimes we get stuck in the dream state and we don’t give our dreams a chance to become a reality.  It’s one thing to dream, but it’s another to get vision from God who goes deeper than a mere dream.  He gives vision with purpose for his kingdom.  When you read about the many miracles throughout the bible, dreams were always realized so much bigger than the carrier of those dreams because God was in it.  Dream Bigger was born out of wanting more than you can see, but wanting to fulfill God’s will which is always bigger than where the dream started.  My prayer is that people will walk in the direction of their dreams because your dream is so much bigger than you.  It may be the dream that changes the lives of people around you.  It may be the dream that catches on like a fire and changes the entire world.  I’d like to challenge you to dream bigger by submitting the dreams in your heart to the heavenly father.  Ask Him for vision and if it’s aligned in His will for your life.  There’s no telling what the union of your dream and God’s vision will become. So tap into your inner kid and dream like you used to. Dream Bigger.

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