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Moving Forward


Running is one of my favorite fitness activities.  Not only is it great for building endurance, but it is a wonderful way to clear the mind.  Day and night our lives are filled with family obligations and demanding schedules that keep us from reflecting on ourselves.  In the moments that we do gather our thoughts, we sometimes allow past mistakes and hurts to haunt us.

To better illustrate, running creates a parallel of how we should operate in our own minds.  As an example, there was one particular run at Cooper River Park when I kept passing people.  Though I would pass, I had this feeling of doubt that they would eventually catch up and pass me.  This sparked curiosity to turn around to look back.  As a former high school track runner, one rule that the coach repeatedly stressed was to never turn back to look at an opponent.  It will only slow you down.  The same thing goes for looking back at the past and dwelling on the previous instead of moving ahead. It will begin to bog you down.

If you’re wondering, I never looked back on my run that day and those I passed by never caught up.  I moved forward and left them behind.  As a believer, you have to trust that God forgives and heals and wants us to move on to greatness. When tempted to look back, be reminded of Lot’s wife.  God’s instructions were clear to escape for their LIFE or be destroyed (Genesis 19:17)! Today, the city of Sodom and Gomorrah is the mental state of many people. Paralyzed by the past. Unfortunately, Lot’s wife didn’t listen and became a pillar of salt.  She was stuck there never to move forward again. So don’t look back and build shrines to what you’ve been freed and delivered from. Keep pushing and pressing towards a better life and brighter days because God said so.


Be Blessed,

Shelbrea McCleese

Founder of GetUp GetFit