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I’m Growing Up…Spiritually That Is:)

january 21 2018 photo for gugf wp postI tell you, each week I don’t have to brainstorm about what I’m going to write.  Somehow, some way, God puts me in a situation or some sort of encounter that yet again shows me His glory.  Yesterday was eventful to say the least, but it was a great day!  My parents came to my neck of the woods and blessed me with their presence and I had a hair appointment , which is something I look forward to.  

Well, let me be candid and honest.  The parents part was awesome, but the hair appointment part went south.  But God!!  Long story short, I learned the true colors of the stylist.  As my dad says, “People can only hold their breath so long”.  Well he apparently ran out of air yesterday.  In a salon full of paying patrons and other operators, an attempt was made to try to belittle me and create a scene that I know could have ended much worse had I given in to the trap.  I realized later, that it was a test.  A test that I have taken many times before and failed horribly.

In the past, I have fed into situations that I felt I needed to fight myself and usually with my words.  A side that I don’t like, much less a side others do not know about because of my bubbly, upbeat disposition.  What happened yesterday was the perfect opportunity to revert back to this person, but God in all of His strength became just that for me.  Strength in my weakness.  After the negative experience, I, with all the grace that God has given me and the class and tact that my momma has instilled in me, was able to gather my things, tell everyone goodbye and walk away with my dignity intact.

That was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do in my life, but it made the angels in heaven rejoice and my Lord and Savior smile.  I passed with flying colors and just like that I received my blessing.  I was connected to another stylist the same day, who specialized in my current hair needs and get this… she was kind.  I felt in the moment of meeting her that the previous event was for my good.  God sewed the events together flawlessly and as a result I was placed right where I was supposed to be.

God keeps his promises.  The one in particular that He kept for me was that He will fight all of my battles, big or small.  When you let Him fight for you, you will level up in your Christ walk and you will be blessed for your obedience and trust in Him.  Yesterday, I lost absolutely nothing and gained a new notch of spiritual maturity and as an added bonus, a new hair stylist that exudes positive and compassionate energy.  Continue to trust in Him to fight for you and remember you are Kings kids.  You get nothing, but the best!

Exodus 14:14 

The LORD will fight for you; you need only to be still.


God bless,


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