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The Holding Pattern

2013-5-26-2013-The-Words-Holding-PatternsAviation is an an amazing art and science.  With so many moving parts, it is critical that there are stringent safety practices in place.  Before planes take flight, they must ensure that all aspects of the aircraft are functioning properly.  In addition to full inspection of the plane, they must have a guide.  I’m not talking about the pilot.  I’m referring to the “eyes in the sky” that monitor all that we cannot see.

air trafAir traffic controllers have an important job beyond that of the pilot.  They are the coaches of land and sky to ensure that each aircraft takes off and lands safely.  Now let’s switch gears for a second.  We as Christians are the planes.  There is a process that we go through before God can take us to new heights.  There is an inspection of self that we must take before going anywhere.  Through God’s word we are able to learn about His standards and principles and use it as an evaluation tool.

This forces us to rearrange and change some things we otherwise never would have seen as wrong.  God opens our eyes and hearts and allows us to see that we’re not as great as we sometimes puff ourselves up to be.  Humility ensues and we want to be different.  We want to change.


With change we want to move forward, but sometimes it’s not the right time.  In aviation, holding patterns are flight paths maintained by an aircraft awaiting permission to land or a state or period of no progress or change.  Once we’ve done the work, God takes us higher in Him, but it is always in His timing.  Our life traffic controller gives us holding patterns because His plans are orchestrated to protect us and prepare us for who He wants us to be.

This Christian life is all a process and sometimes it’s a hard one, but we can trust that we are always safe with God directing us each step of the way.


Until next Thursday, be blessed and GetUp and GetFit in God!

If you don’t know Jesus…Call Him, He’ll answer-1 John 1:9; Romans 10:9; John 3:16


God bless you,


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