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I Love You

I Love YouI love you.  Those three words are the most powerful to be spoken.  Words and actions align when someone truly loves you.  You can’t have one without the other.  Though the word love is painted many different ways, it doesn’t change the fact that love is a declaration.  It is comprised of many different parts that although different bring together and obscure kind of beauty.

This phrase is exchanged from mother to child, brother to sister, and the most obvious scenario is in romantic relationships.  More than the phrase itself, it is the truth behind it that matters.  Many people throw these words around carelessly and doing so causes more harm than good.  Distrust creeps in and the words no longer carry their precious  value.

It was important to me to express to you the value of love that I use as a standard to determine if it’s real or not.  Below I’ll give three ways to gage if it’s legit:

God is Faithful

  1. Are they faithful?

Throughout God’s word God expresses how faithful He is to us despite our wrongs, flaws, and any other negative thing that can turn a person off from us.  The book of Hosea is an excellent example of what love is.  He holds onto us in a way that makes us secure even when we don’t deserve it.  In interpersonal relationships it should be the same.


2.  Are they trustworthy?

Trust takes time and it’s usually built through promises put into action.  The more this is exercised, the more trust strengthens between individuals.  Every promise God has ever made has been fulfilled.  We can trust Him because He always does what He says He’ll do.  As you build relationships, pay attention not only to what people speak (or write), but by what they actually do.

Spend Time 3.  Do they make time for you?

Love is about fellowship and building deeper connections with people.  It’s pivotal to get to know people through spending time together in different settings.  It shows that they value you enough to want to spend their precious time with you.  Jesus did it all the time with people who didn’t even know He loved them (ex. Zacchaeus [Luke 19:1-10], and the  Samaritan woman aka woman at the well [John 4]). In spite of his busy life of ministry He made time for life changing encounters.

We live in a world full of fluff and things that really don’t matter, but we were all put here to connect and share our lives together.  If you have to beg and plead for someone’s time, they’re just not that into you.

All in all, love is beautiful.  It can be hard. It can make you laugh and certainly make you cry, but one thing is for sure, it is worth it.  The foundation of it starts with knowing God’s love first above all else.  From there, you will understand the aforementioned points better and be careful as to who you accept those three powerful words from.

Don’t be fooled.  Love yourself enough to let go of counterfeit love and accept the real thing because you’re worth it.  Christ died for you in love.  Don’t accept anything less.

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Until next Thursday, be blessed and GetUp and GetFit in God!


If you don’t know Jesus…Call Him, He’ll answer-1 John 1:9; Romans 10:9; John 3:16


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